The Quality of ours Materials

  • +me is made of 100% down
  • +me is natural, light, breathable.

Our products are made with great expertise and natural raw materials that are light, breathable and hygienic.
+me is a 100% natural product, dedusted, washed and sterilised in compliance with Presidential Decree 845 of 23.01.75 and Ministerial Decree 135 of 10.11.78.

Feather, down and feather dusters

Feather, down and feather dusters are not the same thing.
Feathers consist of a stem (rachis) from which filaments depart. Downs are small, very soft feathers often mixed with down. Down is the down that comes from the goose’s undercoat, the lightest part of the plumage. It takes the form of small “barbs”, like a soft fluff. These barbs hook together to form small air chambers and collect and store the heat released by the body during the night. At the same time they absorb moisture and release it in the morning.

Origin of the feathers

The down used for our products comes from geese bred for food purposes in cold countries such as Siberia, Canada, Greenland and North Eastern Europe (Hungary and Poland). These geese have a thick, soft and precious down that once arrived in Italy is washed, sterilised and finally dusted to be absolutely hypoallergenic, according to the highest standards and in compliance with national and European Community laws.

The plumage of the geese is not all white, it sometimes has darker patches that guarantee the same thermal properties as the white ones. By choice we tolerate the presence of darker flakes to guarantee the quality of the raw materials, which are not subjected to chemical bleaching.



The outer fabric of +me is cotton, for a triple reason:
to be soft, light, pleasant to the touch, enveloping;

for greater breathability: the very dense mesh with which it is woven is 360 TC (Thread Count);

to aid breathability and at the same time not allow the duvet to escape.


The filling power of +me is at least 750 cuin.
The weight of the duvet determines its quality.
But what is the filling power? It is the ratio between the weight and volume of the down and is measured in cubic inches (cuin). It is an indication of product quality. If the flakes are bulky and the weight is light, the filling power is higher. This is because the larger the flakes are, the less filling power is needed to achieve the same volume needed to achieve the desired heat levels.


Our scale

Our body is warmer than the environment in which we sleep. During the day we cover ourselves to protect ourselves while at night we “delegate” the retention of heat to the duvet.
There are complex systems to measure this property, and since we are dealing with very personal sensations and needs, we have preferred to describe our products by creating a scale from 1 to 5, aware that it remains a suggestion, an indication, the result of our research and experience.

+me has 3 heat levels currently available

Level 1, down concentration gr. 80/m²
the lightest panel, suitable for covering the part of the body where it is warmest
Level 3, down concentration 130 g/m².
the medium panel, suitable for covering the part of the body that has an average temperature
Level 5, down concentration 180 g/m².
the warmest panel, suitable for covering cold extremities

Attention to details

Fixed plaid panels with through stitching

+me consists of large squares of fine cotton. The squares are fastened together at the ends with a flat-edge finish and matching buttons or cordonetto at the perimeter. The squares are insulated from each other by stitching to allow the filling to be evenly distributed, thus performing its thermo-regulating action very effectively.


+me composes and decomposes itself according to your needs. It does this thanks to the convenient buttonholes and twin buttons. These are small white buttons which, when opened, allow you to combine several panels to obtain the desired heat configuration. In addition, the openings between each attachment make +me perfectly breathable.

The bag

Storing your duvet is just as important as using it.
That’s why +me has chosen an original case, which can be easily stored in the wardrobe.
It is a breathable bag, ideal for storing +me while waiting to use it again.
The bag also makes it easy to transport.