Sleep in figures

We are all equal in our need for sleep: men, women, parents, children.

Sleep improves memory, extends life, reduces inflammation, lowers stress, shapes personality, stimulates creativity and protects brain health.
While we sleep, the body repairs the immune system, the nerves, the skeleton and the muscular system.

The right amount of sleep makes us healthy and beautiful, and banishes sadness and depression. Sleep is definitely a vital need, like drinking and eating. But it’s not enough to sleep, you need to sleep well. And sleep in itself says nothing if it is not also restful sleep.

One of the main factors that can help determine the right conditions for restful sleep is temperature.Various studies indicate that the ideal temperature for sleep is around 18°C. At this temperature, the human body neither generates nor dissipates heat.

If it deviates from this value, the organism tends to bring it back to normal values and does so by means of muscular contractions and changes in cellular metabolism through hyper-production of energy or vasodilatation/sweating.

It should be noted that, in addition to the temperature of the body as a whole, there are differences in the heat requirements of different parts of the body (e.g. chest, legs, feet), parts which often – just think of your own experience – usually require decidedly unequal levels of heat.

For example, the extremities are often cold (not surprisingly, socks or stockings are used) and if they were the right temperature, people would fall asleep sooner.

75% sleeps badly because of the heat
64% of adults sleep badly because of the cold
55% of couples disagree on bedroom temperature

“Sleep is the best meditation!” (Dalai Lama)”